Site Rules

Cloudbase Paragliding has been tasked by the MapJumpClub with making sure that no-one uses The Map without a valid MapJumpClub membership. There will be times when this is not possible. At such times we will be relying on the honour system. Should any person be found abusing this sytem, they will be permanently barred from using the site.

Cloudbase Paragliding, nor any other party is authorized to collect any membership fees on or off The Map.

A membership can only be purchased by an individual pilot online through this site.

No school or other commercial organization is authorized to purchase membership(s) on behalf of someone else.

Doing so will result in membership termination of both the pilot and the person/organization involved. No refunds will be given.

When Cloubase Paragliding or any of their representatives are present on the site, the onus is on each commercial or non-commercial pilot to show proof of membership prior to using the site. Please carry with you proof of payment/membership. A printed or digital reciept will suffice. Please be courteous if asked to produce proof of membership/payment.

By adhering to the Site Rules below, you will be making "The Map" a safer place for all to enjoy. Thanks for your help and support.

Map of Africa ( 153m ASL)

This site is maintained and controlled by Cloudbase Paragliding

Site Grading: Student with a minimum of 10 flights


Phone ATC (044) 801 8809 to request flight clearance
Max Ceiling 465m ASL
Wind direction South East Max 23kph
(Check for true wind direction on beach)
Land only on designated beach landing area
DO NOT fly west across the Kaaimans River (in George CTR)
No Trike/PPC allowed
Avoid loitering around residences and stay a minimum of 40m away or above houses


Power lines to the West and North of the take-off area
Scratching on the main road
(Have 10 metres clearance above the road)
Sudden gusts of wind (watch the water for an early warning)
Avoid people when landing on the beach
Speed Limit of 40km on dirt road

For further assistance please contact:

Jan Minnaar : 044 877 1414 or 082 777 8474

Site Code Of Conduct:

There is a limited amount of parking, take off , and flying space so all commercial operations must first register in advance via e-mail with Cloudbase Paragliding with the dates that they wish to operate from the Map Of Africa, and where applicable the number of students/group members/TFI’s they will have with them.
Only a limited amount of slots will be available to commercial operators for any one period.
This system applies to all commercial operations such as:
- Instructor’s training students
- Visiting Schools with groups
- Tandem Flight Instructor’s
- Any pilot demonstrating, or selling equipment
- Guided Groups
Only once you have received a confirmation via e-mail from Cloudbase Paragliding confirming that you may use the site for commercial purposes, may you go to the site.
If and when you do use the site, please respect the local residents and free flying pilots. If applicable, please ask your students/ guided pilots to do the same.
Please take note of and abide by the regulations stated on the site sign board.
No advertising signage or gazebos of any nature may be placed in the parking area, on any fence or anywhere on the property.
This property is privately owned. Should the privilege of access to the flying site be abused, the site may be temporarily or permanently closed without prior notice. No fees will be refunded under such circumstances.
Respect and courtesy will be shown to Jan Minnaar of Cloudbase and his representatives. If at any time it is deemed that disrespect has been shown, then the privilege of using the site will be withdrawn.
Respect will be shown to the property. If at any time it is deemed that the property has been abused, then the privilege of using the site will be withdrawn.
All pilots using this site must abide by the Manual of Operations from SAHPA.
No driving of vehicles onto the property where it is not designated as parking.
No Smoking Allowed On The Property!!

We appreciate you abiding by the above rules. If ever you feel that you have been unfairly treated while using the Map Of Africa, please let us know by contacting us directly through this site.