* See Site Rules As They Have Changed - Dec 2021

* New Commercial/Tandem Memberships Are Currently Unavailable. Only Pilots Who Had A Valid Commercial/Tandem Membership At Any Time During 2021, Can Currently Operate From The Map. 

NEW: Each Member Needs To Physically Purchase Their Own Membership Online. Having Another Party Purchase Your Membership For You, Will Result In Your Membership Being Invalidated. Your Emailed Proof Of Purchase/Receipt Needs To Be Saved On Your Own Mobile Device And Available For Viewing By A MJC Representative On The Map.

A "Commercial Membership" is only required for schools and all Tandem pilots.  Groups no longer need a  "Commercial Membership" unless the group contains a student(s) and/or instruction is provided to one or more members in the group, in which case it will be classified as a school.